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Band Saw Blade Tips

These are a few things you can do to get the longest life from your band saw blade.

  • Break in new blades: start your first cut at 33% of the recommended speed and 50% of the recommended feed. Gradually increase the speeds and feeds over the first 50-100 square inches of cutting until the recommended levels are attained.
  • Avoid starting a new blade in an existing cut. A narrow kerf from a worn blade may strip teeth or break the new blade.
  • Avoid starting cuts on sharp edges of corners.
  • Tension your band saw blade properly to achieve straight cuts and longer life. Reduce the tension when the machine is not in use.
    • Recommended Tension:
      • Bi-Metal 30,000 PSI
      • Carbon 25,000 PSI
    • Excessive tension may break the blade or damage the machine.
    • Insufficient tension may cause crooked cuts or blade damage.
  • Examine chips formed in cutting. Fine, powdery chips mean insufficient feed pressure. Coarse, heavy burned chips mean excessive feed pressure.
  • Check chip texture and color each time you increase the speed or feed to ensure a proper cut.
  • Use cutting fluids on most metals, this will aid in producing cooler, cleaner cuts and will prolong the blade life.
    • Donít use fluids for cast iron, bearing bronze, or die tool steel.
  • Clamp work tightly in a vise. Allowing work pieces to move may break blade or destroy teeth.
  • Position guide arms as close to the work as possible, wide spacing of guide arms may cause blade distortion, crooked cuts, or blade failure. Position the guide so that the blade runs straight and free. If the guide alters the path of the blade it may bind the blade and cause it to break or fail prematurely.
  • Position the blade on the band saw so that the blade back rests against the flanges. Allowing the blade to ride up into the side of the wheel flange will result in the teeth contacting the wheels and may destroy the set.
  • Make sure the guides do not touch the set teeth. Allowing this may destroy the set.
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