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Common Band Saw Blade Terms

These are terms that you will likely see while choosing a band saw blade. Or while learning how to adjust your machine.
  • Alternate Set  - Tooth set. Every tooth set alternately to the left and right.
  • Blade Back - The body of the blade not including the tooth portion.
  • Gage - The thickness of the blade.
  • Gullet - The curved area between the tooth points.
  • Gullet Depth - The distance from the tooth tip to the bottom of the Gullet.
  • HB - (Acronym) Hard edge, hard back band saw blade. Carbon blade used to cut cold rolled steel, carbon tool steels, annealed steels, solids, structurals, brass, bronze, cast iron, lead, zinc. Faster straighter cuts than the HEF band saw blades.
  • HEF - (Acronym) Hard Edge Flexible Back band saw blade. Carbon blade used to cut wood, plastic, cork, fiberglass, graphite, aluminum, brass, bronze, cast iron, copper, lead, ect.
  • Positive Rake - Rake angle is angled toward the direction of travel.
  • Raker Set  - Tooth set. Recurring sequence of teeth - one set left, one set right, one not set.
  • Set - The bending of teeth to the right or left.
  • Standard Rake  - 0 degree Rake angle. Rake is at a 90 degree angle with the direction of travel.
  • T.P.I. - The number of teeth measured from gullet to gullet.
  • Tooth - the cutting portion of the saw blade.
  • Tooth Back - The surface of the tooth opposite the tooth face.
  • Tooth Face - The surface of the tooth on which the chip is formed.
  • Tooth Pitch - The distance from one tooth tip to the next.
  • Tooth Rake Angle - The angle of the tooth face measured with respect to a line.
  • Tooth Tip - The cutting edge of the saw tooth.
  • Wavy Set -Tooth set. Groups of teeth set to each side in a controlled pattern.
  • Width - The tip of the tooth to the back of the blade.

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