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     In business at the same location since November 20, 1985, R & B originated as a small home type business in Cottonwood, Ca. circa 1982.  The company was purchased in 1985 by Judy and Bob Haughs, residents of Saratoga, Ca., who had previously been in the same business in Lyons, Colorado and San Jose, Ca.  They were then working at machining and sales in Silicon Valley but needed the challenge once again of running their own company and doing something at which they excelled.

     At that time too, Judy and Bob were ready to move to the Redding area, having already acquired property there.  All the chips fell into place and R & B was acquired.  Larger and more appropriate quarters were needed because
Judy and Bob had equipment in storage which, when combined with that of R & B, demanded shop space be doubled so all machines could be put into use.

     The quarters we now occupy were then obtained and on November 20, 1985, the new R & B was launched.  A success from the start, R & B grew 10% to 20% per year over the next four years to become the leading shop of it's kind in the North State.  This resulted from the adoption of an old-fashioned business attitude of applying 'The Golden Rule'.  That, coupled with a pledge that quality and service to the customer were #1 priority, quickly made R & B the recommended sharpener in the area; a reputation we now enjoy because it was earned.  

     We are proud to proclaim R & B 'on the cutting edge'.