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    Judy, owner of R & B Sharpening, is a native of Knoxville, Tenn.  She brings to R & B over ten years experience in machining and mechanical inspection, having trained and worked at FMC in San Jose and other shops in Sunnyvale and Lafayette, Co.  She operated a CNC milling machine at those sites, doing her own set-up work in the process. 

     During that 10 year period, she was also trained at San Jose State for, and
promoted to, the position of final inspector of the product, military tracked
vehicles.  At R & B, in addition to doing the bookkeeping, billing, purchasing,
inventorying and general office duties, she does more than her share of the
sharpening duties. 

     Judy has learned her lessons well and knows how to put them to good use. Quality and timeliness are her trademarks.

     Bob's work experiences are too numerous to detail.  He started to work at
the age of 11 and has been employed steadily since.  His education was
abruptly interrupted by WW II so formal college was never considered.

     The school of hard knocks and some after hours studying had to make do. Military schooling in the areas of inventory control and logistics while in the signal corps were a plus and had a great influence on Bob's future.

     Saw sharpening first came into the picture in Colorado when a local shop
was offered for sale.  The purchase included extensive hands-on training by the previous owner, a professional filer with 30 years experience.  Some of the equipment obtained in Co. is still in use at R & B.  That training, coupled with many years of automotive and machine shop work, serves Bob well in the day to day processing of the quality work R & B is known to produce.

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